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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals leads the nation in providing medical and physical rehabilitation for adults and children. Our hospitals in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, specialize in rehabilitating patients who have suffered stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, complex medical issues and a variety of other conditions or traumatic events. Patients and families nationwide seek out Madonna for our ability to handle cases of varied complexity.

At Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, we combine heartfelt hospitality with unmatched innovation and education. Our rehabilitation programs are world-class. Our clinical expertise, rehabilitation research and state-of-the-art equipment provide the tools to help all patients, even those whose diagnoses pose the most complex challenges. Our investment in exceptional talent, groundbreaking technology and progressive treatments is changing the face of rehabilitation.

The Madonna family consists of highly trained experts in physical medicine and rehabilitation, lead by our team of physiatrists. Hospitalists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, recreation therapists, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation nurses and other clinical staff provide industry–leading medical treatment and therapies. Our teams focus on holistic rehabilitative care and may include neuropsychology, pastoral care, rehabilitation engineers and others who are relentlessly motivated to help patients regain their highest level of independence. Established relationships with acute care hospitals across the nation allow Madonna to provide patients a seamless transition into rehabilitation.

Spacious patient rooms, thoughtfully designed rehabilitative spaces and supportive communities create warm and welcoming environments at Madonna's hospitals. Hospitality is among our core values, and we strive to make patients feel at home, regardless of their duration of stay. Family members are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions and patient care activities whenever possible. If family members are not able to remain with their loved one, care teams provide frequent status updates. Specialized technology is used to maximize outcomes and custom solutions are often crafted for patients by Madonna’s Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering.