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At Madonna, we consider our employees’ health and overall well-being our priority. We believe this philosophy allows our staff to bring their best selves to work.

When you work at Madonna, you’ll join an interdisciplinary team that’s committed to your personal and professional development. You’ll be able to enjoy several traditional benefits like health, dental, vision and life insurance, as well as intangible benefits like mentorship, career growth opportunities and employee recognition programs.

"I’ve worked in all departments at Madonna, and floated to all units. That’s brought me a wealth of knowledge and experience. I love it here, I love the patients and seeing them improve and go home to enjoy their lives. Madonna’s so very personal, I’ve watched it grow and I’ve grown right along with it.”

     - Starla., RN with Madonna for over 45 years

With Madonna, you can expect: 

  • Competitive Pay: Earn great pay while caring for patients at a national destination for rehabilitation
  • Self-Scheduling: Create a better work-life balance with a more flexible schedule and no mandatory overtime
  • Insurance: Comprehensive medical, dental, vision and life insurance
  • Paid Time Benefits: Paid time off that begins accruing on the first day of employment
  • Professional Development: Madonna will cover the cost of various certifications and credentials
  • Education Assistance: Madonna provides tuition reimbursement for additional college courses
  • Employee Recognition Programs: Madonna has both a peer-to-peer and patient-to-caregiver recognition program
  • Employee Assistance Program: Madonna employees have access to free assistance for mental health challenges, stress management, and life events
  • Additional Perks: Enjoy free on-site parking, deep discounts on certain Madonna services and more!