About ArmeoSpring

The ArmeoSpring is specifically suited for patients who are beginning to regain active movement of the arm and hand. It is an upper extremity exoskeleton designed to off-weight the affected arm so that a patient is able to move their arm around more freely without having to lift the entire weight of their arm against gravity. This allows for patients to use proper movement patterns versus using compensatory movement patterns. While using 2-D and 3-D games, it offers various self-initiated repetitive therapies to increase the patient’s range of motion and selective control, motivating the patient to exert intense levels of both concentration and coordination.

Armeo Patient Stories

Technology assists mom of three in brain injury recovery

1/10/2019 10:54 AM | Patient Stories

Hniang Cia credits Madonna's specialized technology for helping her return home to care for her young family. This after the 28-year-old was involved in a serious car crash that caused significant injuries, including brain damage. The technology, disguised as video games, helped her regain arm and leg strength necessary to keep up with three young boys.

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Celebrating occupational therapy month at Madonna

4/24/2018 10:50 AM | Patient Stories

The month of April has been designated as Occupational Therapy Month and Madonna would like to recognize the important role of occupational therapy in its comprehensive approach to meet the needs of patients receiving care in Lincoln and Omaha.

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Retired Children’s foundation director fortunate for Madonna after spinal cord injury

6/4/2017 8:49 AM | Patient Stories

Roger Lewis’ retirement plans to travel, spend more time with family and civic duty have been put on temporary hold as he recovers from a spinal cord injury. A tough fight, Roger considers himself lucky, saying he’s “very fortunate in this part of the country to have a facility like Madonna available for those of us who face these kinds of problems and face this kind of challenge to get better.”

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Toddler motivates Wichita mom in her brain injury recovery

9/12/2016 3:04 PM | Patient Stories

Toddler motivates Wichita mom in her brain injury recovery

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