Ekso GT Robotic Exoskeleton

About Ekso

The Ekso GT is a bionic suit which enables individuals with lower extremity paralysis to stand up and walk over ground. Walking is achieved by the user’s forward weight shift to initiate a step. Battery powered motors drive the legs and replace neuromuscular function. When wearing the exoskeleton suit a patient also can: sit, stand, turn and navigate slopes and uneven terrain. A “variable assist” feature balances the physical effort patients exert while wearing the suit with the amount of help they need to achieve a more normalized walking pattern.

By exercising paralyzed limbs, the exoskeleton suit can begin the process of reactivating the pathways in the brain that help make walking possible. In addition to patients with spinal cord injury, the Ekso GT is used in therapy for patients who have had a stroke or other neurological conditions.

Ekso Patient Stories

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