Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Workers’ Compensation

  • Single and accessible point of contact
  • Streamlined communication with all stakeholders
  • Weekly team meetings to discuss cases, progress and next steps

Whatever role you play in helping an injured worker, Madonna’s workers’ compensation services offer everything you need in one place while providing unrivaled treatments for patients. A complete continuum of care means the right level of care at the right time in the rehabilitation process.

  • Independence Square- a simulated comunity environment
  • Transitional living apartments to practice skills for independent living
  • Work re-entry program to incorporate job-related tasks into therapy sessions
  • Community outings and integration
  • Family housing available throughout patient's stay

With 65 years of clinical expertise, Madonna is recognized as a National Center of Excellence and is CARF accredited in a variety of programs including brain and spinal cord injuries. We also have expertise in treating major multiple traumas (MMTs), burns, amputations and complex medical conditions.

Providing Positive Outcomes Across a Variety of Cases

Ladell Kellenberger | Amputation

While driving to a nearby work site in November 2021, Ladell Kellenberger’s truck collided with a train. The 60-year-old construction worker underwent several surgeries at Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and he lost his left leg to amputation. He came to Madonna’s specialized amputation program ready to navigate his new normal. His care team helped prepare Ladell and his wife for the return home, teaching him how to accomplish daily tasks in a wheelchair until he could transition to a prosthetic leg. He has since re-learned how to walk in outpatient therapy, and he has returned to work full-time.

“I worked with Ladell in physical therapy,” Kara Tischer, PT, DPT, CBIS, said. “Our goals were for independence with transfers and wheelchair mobility. He was up for creative solutions to work on strengthening his core, lower extremities and arms.”

Randy Rodriguez | Spinal Cord Injury

When an abnormal blood vessel burst in his spinal cord, 21-year-old Airman Randy Rodriguez suddenly couldn’t move anything below his neck. Following several surgeries at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, he arrived at Madonna’s spinal cord injury program. Thanks to Madonna’s specialized technology and physician-led care team, Randy slowly began to regain his independence. After weeks of intense physical and occupational therapy, he walked out of Madonna’s doors. He has recently returned to active duty in the U.S. military. “I am walking now on my own, jumping and even started to jog,” Randy said.

David Betts | Spinal Cord Injury

David Betts is a real-life hero. While at work, the roofer saved a crew member who was slipping, and he ended up falling himself. The 10-foot plummet severely injured his back, and doctors told him he may never walk again.

David came to Madonna’s spinal cord injury program eager to recover and regain his independent living skills. “I didn’t even really know how to dress myself when I got to Madonna,” David said. “They taught me that, and from there, I learned a new thing every day.”


Bradley Miller | Major Multiple Trauma

While on duty in December 2022, Bradley Miller, a highway construction inspector for the Nebraska Department of Transportation, stopped to help a stranded driver. Then, another car slid off the road and struck Bradley, pinning him between the two vehicles and breaking his legs. After spending a week at Great Plains Health in North Platte, Nebraska, Bradley came to Madonna’s specialized program for injured workers determined to walk again. Aided by his physician-led care team and specialized technology, he transitioned from a wheelchair to walking with crutches as he moved through Madonna’s inpatient and outpatient programs. On his last day at Madonna, Bradley walked out using only a cane for assistance and with plans to return to his work soon. “I owe all the power to Madonna’s staff, pushing me and telling me ‘you can do it.’ It’s humbling to know there’s a place within the state of Nebraska that will and can offer that,” he said.

Brad Elder | Burn

Brad Elder, a veteran of the Crete Volunteer Fire Department, sustained third-degree and second-degree burns on his legs and hand while fighting a 2022 grass fire near Lincoln, Nebraska. He came to Madonna’s regionally recognized burn program unable to walk and in significant pain, but he soon formed a lasting bond with Madonna’s staff. His care team developed a unique treatment plan to maximize Brad’s mobility, function and independence. They also provided dressing care, pain management and emotional support. “Madonna’s care has allowed this [hand] to be flexible again, which is insane considering how it looked before,” Brad said. “So it’s been a great recovery.” Brad has since returned home, and he continues to teach biology at Doane University.

Our goal is to help a patient reach their highest level of independence. We focus on re-learning core self-care like bathing dressing and grooming. In addition, our work re-entry program builds activity tolerance, endurance and long-term sustained attention tasks, which are necessary for returning to work.

- Madonna Occupational Therapist