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Childhood Cancer Survivor Becomes Pediatric Nurse to Help Kids at Madonna

September 23, 2021

Sarah Jezewski, RN, BSN, knows firsthand the incredible influence nurses can have on the lives of their patients. When she was just 7 years old, Sarah was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare type of cancer of the connective tissue. She spent much of her childhood in the hospital, where she bonded with several nurses on her care team. 

“When I think back, I remember the fun times I had with the nurses who took care of me more than the procedures, the sickness and the not-so-fun parts of having cancer,” recalls Sarah.

Fortunately, Sarah’s cancer went into remission in 2000, and she grew up knowing she would someday become a nurse. Sarah’s dream to help other cancer survivors like herself came true when she started working at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals--Omaha Campus in 2017. She now spends her time caring for pediatric patients.

“I chose to be a nurse at Madonna because it gave me a chance to work with kids,” said Sarah. “It is rewarding to be a part of their recovery journey — from arriving at Madonna feeling scared, sick, and sad to watching them grow, feel better and return home with a happy attitude and the ability to do the things they love.” 

Her personal experience also gives her a unique perspective on her work. She sees herself in her patients’ shoes, and it brings back memories. “Growing up in and out of the hospital has made a huge impact on the way I interact with my patients,” said Sarah. “I love being able to use any extra time in the day to make them laugh and smile. The ability to step back and relate to my patients, and have fun with them is a very important part of nursing for me.”

Madonna is actively hiring RNs, LPNs and nurse aides at both our Omaha and Lincoln Campus locations. To explore career opportunities at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, click here. 

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