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Missouri brain injury survivor says God paved the way after car crash

November 06, 2018

“Every step of the way after the car accident, God was the centerpiece of everything,” said Preston Gusoskey, a traumatic brain injury survivor. Preston looks forward to a bright future two years after being involved in a car accident in late March, suffering severe brain trauma. Surgeons performed extensive brain surgery on Preston, however, cranial pressure continued to threaten his life. His parents say their son’s status was minute-to-minute in the ICU. They kept family and friends updated on social media, calling on Preston’s Prayer Warriors to wing up prayers for their son’s recovery. 

“My husband was keeping people updated on Facebook very avidly,” said Casey Gusoskey, Preston’s mother. 

“As we would come across a new challenge, we’d post it and we’d pray for it ,” said Jarred Gusoskey. “A new challenge and we’d post it and pray for it. As we did this, every challenge would get demolished.”

Preston spent two weeks healing in an acute care hospital before the focus became rehabilitation at Madonna’s Lincoln Campus. His parents say they felt a healing presence the moment they walked into Madonna. “We get there, get to his room and Casey and I felt it immediately, there’s something special here. We knew immediately Madonna was going to be it. We picked the right place for Preston’s rehabilitation. Just the presence alone was already having an effect,” said Jarred.

Early on at Madonna, Preston made milestones like hand-eye coordination to play catch with a physical therapist in his room. A visit from Larry the Cable Guy, his favorite comedian, motivated him to continue to make gains. Through it all his family remained by his side, encouraging and supporting him. Doctors say those are keys to success for brain injury patients like Preston. “It’s a long and it’s a slow process and can be frustrating, but to have family there to reinforce all of the positive things and the progress that he was making as well as being educated themselves on brain injury and what to expect during a recovery was a huge benefit during his time here,” said Adam Kafka, M.D., a physiatrist and Lincoln Campus’ medical director.

Preston returned home and continued making strides, graduating from high school with his classmates. Today he is honing his job skills and enjoys playing recreational sports like softball. Together with his service dog, Sable, he continues to strive for independence.

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